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Visibility for your entire company.

Keep up with what's happening across every team and project.

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The feed. Your team's work-in-progress rolls up into a beautiful, streamlined feed.

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Digest emails. Never miss a beat with daily and weekly digest emails.

Feature preview image of the projects feature

Projects. Keep things organized. Add bookmarks and people to create a context hub for each project.

Feature preview image of the archives feature

A living archive. New teammates can easily see how projects went from here to there and what everyone is working on.

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Campsite has become an indispensable tool for the Patreon design team. In a fast-growing organization where the product is rapidly evolving, Campsite helps us keep track of what’s happening across different teams — directly integrated with our existing workflows.

Avatar image of Gabriel Valdivia

Gabriel Valdivia

Principal Product Designer, Patreon

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Campsite has been instrumental in keeping designers aware of each others' work-in-progress in a way that was previously slowing us down. It's also one of the only channels where we can keep the conversation focused on creativity and constant iteration, which I love — and has helped us lean into early feedback in a way I didn't expect.

Avatar image of Buzz Usborne

Buzz Usborne

Principal Designer, Buildkite

Share anything.

Images, videos, gifs, links, text, prototypes and more — if your team makes it, it lives here.

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Images, videos, & gifs. Drag & drop. Copy & paste. Sharing anything is easy.

Feature preview image of the embedding feature

Embeds. Embed a Figma file, Loom walkthrough, Origami prototype, Principle prototype, Lottie animation, or anything else you make.

Feature preview image of the figma plugin feature

Figma plugin. Share frames directly from Figma with a click.

Feature preview image of the slack integration feature

Slack broadcasts. Keep everyone in the loop with automatic broadcasts to the right channels when a post is published.

Feature preview image of the versioning feature

Version history. Link design iterations and decisions to see ideas evolve over time.

Feature preview image of the progress tracking feature

Automatic portfolio. No more hunting through tasks, docs, and channels to remember what you've worked on.

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With Campsite, we can put a spotlight on our work and create connections beyond the boundaries of the design team.

Avatar image of Jochem Dierx

Jochem Dierx

Product Designer, Cardless

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We no longer have to juggle links or bug people to see what they’re working on. With Campsite, we have one place to see what’s happening across the design team.

Avatar image of Matthew Ferry

Matthew Ferry

Product Designer, Gatheround

Find everything.

Posts are organized and searchable, so it's easy to find past decisions or dig up that awesome mock from way-back-when.

Search projects...
Search people...
Search tags...

Made for async feedback.

Spend more time building and less time in yet another meeting.

Comments. Share async feedback across teams and timezones.

Mentions. Get feedback from the right people at the right time.

Polls. A lightweight way to get a gut check from your teammates.

Feature preview image of the archives feature
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Campsite makes it easy for our entire company to follow design decisions across different teams and projects. This helps us stay aligned and catch design issues early in the process.

Avatar image of Malthe Sigurdsson

Malthe Sigurdsson

Chief Design Officer, Handshake

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Campsite keeps our team of remote brand and product designers feeling more connected than ever. Plus, it’s a living, breathing record of our quality bar and progress. Total win-win.

Avatar image of Matt Plays

Matt Plays

Creative Director, Help Scout

Private and secure.

We use industry best-practices to keep your team's work private and secure.